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Helping Families After Fatal Accidents

After losing a family member in a serious accident, most families do not want to think about a lawsuit. In addition to mourning their loss, some families think a wrongful death claim is somehow in bad taste. However, there are other, more important considerations.

For many families, the compensation they obtain in a wrongful death claim could be the only thing keeping them afloat financially. Especially if the person who died was the primary breadwinner, wrongful death compensation is critical to financial survival.

If you have lost someone you love in a personal injury accident, we can help. Along with our dedicated law clerks, attorney Paul Zilberfein provides professional legal representation for families who have lost loved ones. Paul has nearly 30 years of legal experience, so he knows how to handle cases of this kind. For clients in White Plains and the surrounding New York areas, we provide compassionate, effective litigation services.

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Obtaining Compensation

Whether your loved one was killed in an auto accident, construction accident, or some other kind of accident, we can help you obtain maximum compensation for:

  • All medical expenses before death

  • Funeral and burial (or creation) costs

  • Loss of income that the deceased would have provided for the family

  • Inheritance reduction costs (if the deceased would have obtained greater assets that would have been included in an inheritance)

  • Loss of parental guidance

  • Loss of companionship and services

Although it is difficult to put a price on some of these losses, it is no less important to obtain compensation. In addition to getting a sense of justice for the person who caused the death, a successful wrongful death claim can restore some of the financial security you have lost.

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