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Insurance Coverage Attorney Serving The Bronx, New York

Paul S. Zilberfein is a client-recommended Bronx, New York attorney who has a deep passion for justice that empowers him in handling complex insurance disputes. Insurance coverage attorneys like Paul handle insurance contracts and evaluate what is covered under a given insurance policy and up to what amount. If you’ve been through an accident and are preparing to file a claim, or if an insurance claim you’ve already filed has been denied, you need to have a confident negotiator and experienced litigator on your side. When disaster strikes, you deserve an insurance coverage attorney like Paul, who will promptly and reliably analyze your insurance contract and help guide you toward your ideal resolution. His insurance coverage counseling services encompass:

  • First-Party Property Insurance (claims between the policyholder and the insurance company)

  • Third-Party Insurance (claims between the policyholder, an insurance company, and another individual or entity)

  • Extracontractual Claims & “Bad Faith” Denials

  • Product Liability & Complex Torts

  • Risk Assessment & Policy Drafting

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Comprehensive Insurance Counseling

In a place as populated and on the move as New York City, accidents are inevitable. Whether you’re a victim of a personal injury accident, dealing with property damages, or you’re an insurer seeking counsel on writing relevant policy, our attorney can help. 

With his vast trial experience, Paul possesses the intuitive representation abilities that his clients require. He also assists insurance clients in reducing their chances of future litigation. Attorney Zilberfein keeps up-to-date on insurance regulations and products that are constantly adapting to technological advancements and evolving privacy concerns. As insurance law responds and reshapes itself to our ever-changing world, the need for skilled and competent counsel grows. Paul’s knowledge of updated insurance law makes him an optimal risk assessment partner for insurers who are drafting or revising current policies; we can help position you to avoid future claims and expensive legal processes.

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In addition to insurance coverage services, Attorney Zilberfein represents clients in real estate legal matters and cases of personal injury, including car accidents, wrongful death, construction accidents, and more. If you’ve been involved in an accident where you have sustained injuries or your property has been damaged, our attorney’s well-rounded experience and legal knowledge has the power to make a positive impact on your claim process. No matter what, Paul will provide you with honest and straightforward guidance regarding your situation so that you can make a confident decision about the next steps. 

Looking to Reverse Your Claim Denial?

Say you’ve filed a health insurance, personal injury, or car damage claim, and your or another party’s insurance company acts maliciously or wrongfully contends that your case can’t be covered — the Bronx, New York Attorney Paul S. Zilberfein can help you appeal your denial and work to secure your entitled coverage and compensation. Whether you filed a first-party claim or a third-party claim, insurance companies have a duty to negotiate in good faith regarding victims of accidents. But sometimes, settlement negotiations play out in a way where insurance company adjusters lie or sabotage an injured person’s chance to claim their deserved coverage. This would be considered operating in bad faith, and our attorney can help you appeal and reverse your denied claim. 

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Insurance disputes can be complex and frustrating. If you’re in a position where you’re seeking legal representation, you’re likely already dealing with damaged property or an injury of your own. Leave the litigation matters to us so you can focus on what matters most. Attorney Zilberfein has the comprehensive knowledge and experience you deserve to have in your corner. When it comes to your personal and financial well-being, don’t hesitate to put yourself in a strong legal position. Our trusted and recommended firm serves clients throughout New York City including the Bronx, Manhattan, White Plains, or New York City, New York. Reach out to our law office today and let us know how we can help.