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Catastrophic Accidents on Construction Sites

It is common knowledge that construction work is among the most dangerous occupations. Unlike many other accident types, accidents that occur on construction sites tend to be extremely serious.

Brain injuries, broken bones, loss of limbs, and even wrongful death are common occurrences in construction accidents. For those who suffer extremely serious injuries, the costs of medical care and the lost wages from not being able to work can result in financial catastrophe.

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Our legal team is here to help. At The Paul Zilberfein Law Firm, our attorney and law clerks take a team approach to construction accident litigation. Lead attorney Paul Zilberfein has been practicing for nearly 30 years and he has handled numerous personal injury and fatal construction accident claims.

We focus on providing exceptional client service with an aggressive goal-oriented approach to winning. We serve clients in the White Plains area of New York.

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The Four Most Common Construction Accidents

The construction site accidents we see most frequently include:

  • Falls: When roofers and other construction workers fall from roofs or other heights, the results can include broken bones, paralysis, traumatic brain injuries, and even death.

  • Falling objects: It is far too common for falling bricks, building materials, tools, and other objects to cause serious injuries to construction workers.

  • Electrical shocks: While electrical shocks are the most common for those who work directly with electricity, construction sites are filled with electrical risks for everyone involved. Our legal team represents construction workers who have suffered shocks and the families of those who have died from electrocution on construction sites.

  • Equipment injuries: Construction workers use some of the most dangerous equipment around. Poorly constructed or maintained equipment, lack of adequate training, and equipment malfunctions are the most common causes of equipment accidents on construction sites.

Although these are the accidents we see most commonly, we have experience handling any type of construction accident claim you might have.

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The laws regulating construction accidents are remarkably complicated, which makes it difficult for injured parties to navigate the system and bring winning personal injury claims. Our lawyer and legal team know the law, and we can help you work within the legal landscape to get the compensation you need.

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